We had our last radio show Broadcast December 13th. It was delightful to go into the WVUM studio one last time, and let our final feelings out through the airwaves. WVUM has been a blessing, it has built us, it has taught us, it has left us forever changed. The course of events leading to the creation of this project have been gradual, yet they all are connected to the large tree of continued happenings in the paths of humans and information that is communication by those who have influenced me to become the person I am today, to do the things I do now.

Dead Air has two other fathers, Diego Martinelli and Ramon Crespo from SAFE. The two have been around my life to only flourish me with musical knowledge that couldn’t have been more pristine. This music I still carry close to my heart to this day and will continue to do so, as long as I live. Not only did they offer knowledge, the were my mentors in other aspects of life. But most important of all, they were my friends. Naturally they were part of our Farewell party held at the Electric Pickle December 21st of 2013.


We had a secret guest on this evening, which isn’t secret anymore! Clarian is a funny guy with a funny story that leads to his appearance to the showcase. I remember writing to him once over a  year ago about the radio show. Had I not had the show I would have never had the courage to write anything at all. Of course life is really crazy and unexpected, time passes we become friends. This beautiful creature had come around to not only be a part of my radio show in the limelight of its final shine, but in my personal life as well, as the boy I have fallen in love with. It was a pleasure to then play back to back for a little while until 6am to those who stuck around until the very end of the party. They got our best records.

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It was a special night for me, and for the ones I love, I thank every single person that has done me good, and I encourage you to do everything and anything you wish, as everything is possible, this is the ultimate lesson learned from this project.



PS: Here are some of the tracks I remember by face of a person who has shared it with me, or has lived it by my side. I only picked three, there are ridiculous amounts more..

Clarian North:

Diego Martinelli:

Ramon Crespo:


We have finished our 3 years broadcasting on WVUM 90.5 FM
We will celebrate on this evening on December 21st all the good times



Tracklist – Second to Last show on WVUM



Nils Frahm – An Aborted Begining

Mount Kimbie – You Took Your Time (Lee Gamble Remix)

Four Tet – Wing Body Wing

Clarian – Waiting for Time to Come

John Hopkins – Breathe This Air

Luke Abbot – Modern Driveway

Lukid – USSR

Actress – Caves of Paradise

Daniel Avery – Taste (Special Request Remix)

Darling Farah – Realized

Sun Glitters – On My Way

Kim Hiorthøy – Forskjellige Gode Ting

Dj Sprinkles – Grand Central pt.1

Teengirl Fantasy – Motif (Actress Remix)

Blawan – Peaches

Cut Copy – Saturdays

Mount Kimbie – Made to Stray (DJ Koze Remix)

Closer Musik – Maria

Fairmont – Old Ways

Terence Fixmer – When the Sun

Polarius – Falling Snow



Mr. Ben UFO will be joining us for Dead Air! It is our third to last show ever on WVUM, to have such an awesome visitor is such honor! Ben also has a radio show who he has been doing for 3 years just like us, and a Label called Hessle Audio. Definitely something to look into if you haven’t already done so. But for tonight Vinyl, non dance music Dead Air.

After that Diego from Safe is back to us for one hour of awesome tunes part 2.

And aaaafter that, Pickle dancing to Diego, Goodroid and of course Ben!


Happy Thanksgiving!

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Art Basel: Life and Death

We are proudly helping out our friends out at Pl0t host the always epic celebration of the label party, Life and Death.

DJ Tennis and Thugfucker have teamed up to create one of the best sources of  new music out from the scene, that is always with a more sentimental twist. Always a big supporter of the label as a radio show but they have also always been in great support of us.

We have had DJ Tennis and Clockwork come in the studio in flesh, Tennis’ recording is our best ranking on Soundcloud, and Mind Against delivered theirs to us but it is also always receiving the best of feedback from people all over the world which have somehow found our profile out of serendipity or epic google search skills. It makes us extremely proud to have had worked with the geniuses that they are and we are so grateful to have their music broadcasted under our name.

We are really excited for this event, proudly sponsoring it so. Get your tickets here!

You can get yourself involved with sharing! we have a special photo designed for Instagram posts below, if you love Life and Death you can be a part of making this party happen!

use this hashtag: #LifeAndDeathBasel


Diego Martinelli


Diego Martinelli is our friend, designer of our logo, and the spirit guide for our musical beginnings. Strange times upon Diego’s ears in this mix, though beware you will be entering into a journey of danger, but a beautiful one.

SAFE to blame him for getting us into so much trouble.


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